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Greinke, Jill

“There is joy to be claimed in this world. You even might wind up being glad to be you.”
–Ever, Ever After By Carrie Underwood from the Motion Picture Enchanted

Throughout my life I have always been drawn to cultivating self-awareness by discovering self-efficacy and moving towards change and growth. Unfortunately, I usually did this the hard way.  I seldom listened to my inner wisdom and did whatever my ego or others were trying to get me to do instead.  This is not a bad thing but rather a spiritually misaligning thing.  It often creates ‘dis’-ease and feeling as if something is missing within.  Being out of alignment often creates feelings of anxiousness and depression– it’s not a fun place to be.

I first began working in business (sales, executive management business development and entrepreneurship).  I was very successful in the business world and I felt this was because I made creating relationships with my clients my highest priority.  I really connected to people and paid attention to their needs and desires.  I actively listened to their wishes – taking the approach of service instead of simply selling a product.  Throughout my years of working in corporate America, however, I felt that I needed to help people in a different and more personal way.  I wanted to use the same skills, but instead of selling a service or product, I knew my passion was to help individuals advance themselves on a spiritual level.

While I was in the business world, life offered me many personal and professional challenges.  I found solutions to them and I helped others to do the same.  However, I longed to be in a vocation where I was able to interact with people and use my gifts to help others become the best spiritual versions of themselves.  Eventually, I felt compelled to leave an executive position and focused on doing just that.

Almost right after I left my job, I started to feel a lot of anxiety because I no longer had the financial security I had become accustomed to.  It took time, effort, soul searching and money to move myself in the direction my soul was pointing me towards.  It was very frightening to face my own inner fears about beginning a new career.  At the same time, I was excited because I felt I was on the right path.  I took a huge leap by going back to school in order to obtain the necessary credentials to become a psychotherapist.  I was preparing for my next mission in life and that was incredibly rewarding.  I felt like I was finally fulfilling my calling.

After leaving corporate America I worked for several years in community development and organizing – at the grassroots level.  I did so by serving as a liaison for local organizations that included local churches located within struggling neighborhoods.  The churches wanted to reach out to people in order to help foster sustainable communities.  When working with the churches and their mission, I fully realized my commitment to serving the planet as an agent of change.  I could motivate others to live within their highest potential.  But, that is also when I knew going back to school to obtain the necessary credentials to counsel was a priority.  I felt that I was being guided to learn what lies at the core of being human.  Although everyone’s story is different, we all have common wants, needs and desires.  When those are not met, any person will feel discord and ultimately attract more challenges down the road – affecting all “systems” in an environment.

Throughout the journey of going back to school and interning, practicum included developing effective counseling skills and philosophies of practice.  I came to study the basic principles of integrating mind, body, and spirit on a personal level and envisioned how I could blend those with traditional models of psychotherapy.  I felt combining these models would give individuals the most comprehensive approach toward finding and obtaining self-awareness and personal development.

I also knew I needed to learn how to balance whatever I was doing in my career with my personal life.  Doing something that I loved made it a lot easier.  My previous roles in business were very demanding and I often chose to forgo my personal needs in order to pursue professional ones.  But, maintaining a passionate and joy filled life while living out one’s mission is an ongoing journey.  In order to do that we need to release our past and any blocks preventing us from expanding and moving forward.

I began to discover what my passion and purpose was in life.  There were several common threads woven back to my childhood, things that came naturally to me—unique gifts that I knew I needed to hone in on in order to completely fulfill my life purpose.  One of my gifts that surfaced was visionary leadership –seeing the truth in all situations – the ‘big picture’.   Another was discovering I was able to act as a bridge between opposite ends; I was able to refine, edit and make things digestible for people.   I could also help others to move forward to tackle their challenges.  I was able to see the different sides in every situation.  I became a peacemaker.

Risk taking, improvisation and organization are several of my other gifts as a psychotherapist.  I use my intuition to organize all of the possible outcomes in a given situation.  I can visualize possibilities by trusting the information my clients are giving me and verbalizing risks and outcomes. Because of one of my passions of working with systems, I developed a specialty utilizing “systems theory” that works on transforming patterns of beliefs and behavior within organizations, couples, families, communities and individuals.  My organizational skills and experience with business development and management, combined with my intuitive abilities has helped me to provide all encompassing services to individuals on personal and professional levels.

I continued to utilize my empathic abilities that enable me to sense and mirror back what others are feeling, where they are coming from – a critical element in helping individuals throughout the transformational process.  Each of these gifts became evident to me after deliberate soul searching and effort.  Everyone has access to their special gifts when they work at uncovering them.  When we combine our gifts with our passions we truly begin live our lives authentically.  To me, this process felt like childbirth – with painful contractions, stops and starts, pushing and more pushing – before giving birth to the inspired “new”.  But once I did, I knew my gifts were truly meant to help me on life’s journey and inspire others.

After obtaining my Master’s Degree in Social Work and the necessary licensing requirements I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC).  I was so excited I could finally begin to practice psychotherapy.  Clients began to note they felt understood, connected and supported when working with me.  A few years later, I went back to my roots as an entrepreneurial businesswoman and opened a state licensed mental health and substance abuse clinic with two partners.  I became an advocate of positive psychology as a therapist and have helped many clients find solutions to their challenges.  This was extremely rewarding.  But, I also began to feel as though I hadn’t reached my full potential as a therapist.

My authentic-self became lost in the constructs of conformity within my field of practice.  I became overwhelmed by the auspices of the medical model of treatment—with its rigid rules and expectations and its increasingly over-analyzed policies and procedures.  I felt that the services I provided to clients were consequently diminished.  I also felt micromanaged and stagnant within this huge system.  I realized I was out of alignment with my highest self both personally and as a practitioner.  It was a very painful experience for me.  I felt like I was a victim to the broken system in which I practiced.  I knew I had to become proactive to improve this.  I felt deep in my heart that I wanted to offer my clients a more positive and successful transformational experience.  The experience needed to reflect what I learned; it needed to maintain one’s own centered-self helping clients to reach their full human potential.

My new ‘big picture’ combined system’s theory with a spiritual and transcendent way of practice by maintaining the use of all of spiritual gifts and passion.  I was being repeatedly nudged to re-align and reinvent myself again and again.  What I learned throughout this entire process is that our purpose needs to be tweaked several times.  We must be aware of our egos in order to allow ourselves to do that.  Our egos are the conditioned and fear based parts of us created by years of other’s expectations.  Our egos fear moving into unfamiliar situations.  They want to remain in control because that makes them feel safe; especially the more comfortable we get at maintaining unfulfilled lives.

We need to identify and release our limiting beliefs and previous subconscious programming that is blocking us from living up to our highest potential.  Fortunately, we are constantly being guided to align our egos with our inner calling that is our souls’ longing and purpose and what we get truly excited about.  This involves using our creativity and having fun without becoming fearful to try new things or take risks. Our souls want us to stretch, change and grow – to expand in order to truly feel joy.

I believe my path involves helping others find their joy.  We always seem to know there is a lot more to life when we allow ourselves to open up to our inner guidance.  The highest part of us continues pulling us forward – allowing us to see that life does not have to be a struggle.  In order to do that, we must accept what is going on in our lives and surrender to the knowing that what we desire will manifest if we believe it.  When we were kids, we dreamed and believed though we could not see.  I know we are still meant to dream.  When we were kids we also played and had fun.  I believe with all of my heart we must continue to carry that childlike energy.

Perhaps that is why I have always been drawn to the magical call of life – the fairy tales – the imagined creative abilities that awaken my inner child, taking me by the hand and wanting to lead me back to my best authentic self.  This must, however, include going back to living a life full of wonder and seeing miracles everywhere and every day.  And in all of my experiences, I have realized that doing so requires us to believe in ourselves and be committed to our dreams—that is our spirits’ highest desire for us.

Psychology means the study of Spirit – our own innate wisdom.  That is why I am a Holistic Psychotherapist and Transformational Consultant.  I know I am here to use all I have learned—my gifts, passion, experience and wisdom to help others live a JOY FILLED LIFE – GAINING SELF-ACCEPTANCE and BEING GLAD YOU ARE YOU!   Because ultimately, “Joy is a necessity and not a luxury” ~ Bella Capozzi.

I came to see Jill because of difficult issues I was experiencing. I felt totally affirmed by Jill and that helped me to be open to stretching myself to move into joy despite the issues that were occurring in my life. My work with Jill has been confirming that my joyful life and dreams are manifesting. I really feel the energy.
–Jeanine O

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Hello, I am Jill E. Greinke MSW, LCSW, SAC  Holistic Psychotherapist and Transformational Consultant. My expertise is to help people to align with their True Self in order to live an authentic life that is balanced, centered and focused. When you are connected with who you really are you are able to live a life of JOY where all things are possible! I offer individual counseling, coaching and consultation, couples and family counseling, groups, workshops, teleseminars and presentations. You can get a copy of my Free Report: “The Five Steps to Miraculous Living” here or contact me at 1-877-614-4541