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Tips For Miraculous Living with Jill Greinke Issue 3: Five Things to Totally Help You to Let Go and Fly!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my 3rd bi-weekly tip! As I am writing this newsletter, the United States of America just finished celebrating the 4th of July – it’s Day of Independence. And of course this day represents the day the U.S. won their freedom from the British in back in 1776. The colonists who fought […]

Miraculous Living With Jill Greinke Issue 2: Five Healthy Ways to Go Within

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my second bi-weekly tip – Going Within! Many people today focus on what is going on outside of them versus inside. Often this is easier for the simple reason being that it is more challenging to focus on the inside. We live in a fast paced world and most of us […]

Miraculous Living with Jill Greinke Issue 1: Wanna plant seeds or weeds within your mind?

  Hi Everyone! Welcome to my first bi-weekly tip! Well, spring is over with summer just beginning. Many of us have planted seeds in our gardens and have begun to see the fruits of our labor. Others of us have no interest in gardening what so ever! The attached image says it best and we […]