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Tips For Miraculous Living with Jill Greinke Issue 5: Our intuition is our inner guidance – here are three ways to make sure we listen!

Hi Everyone! Got Your Compass? Three Tips To Use Right Now To Find Your Souls Direction Welcome to my 5th bi-weekly tip! Every morning I take my dog Max out for a walk. Today I also had my daughter’s dog Paco with me who comes to stay and loves to walk. In preparation for the […]

Tips for Miraculous Living with Jill E. Greinke Issue 4: Five Life Lessons We Can Learn From the Birds To Help Us Step Into Miraculous Living – Now!

Miraculous Living Issue 4 August 2013   Playing it safe is for the birds. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a mother robin creating her nest, laying her eggs and now feeding, nurturing and preparing her chicks for flight – literally. It has been a joy to watch her through our dining […]