Tips for Miraculous Living with Jill Greinke Issue Eight: Follow this 5 Point Checklist to Release Your Past

Follow This 5 Point Checklist to Release Your Past in Order to Find Your Life Purpose



I have a client – let’s call him Tom. Tom set an intention to work with me on setting goals for himself in order to manifest a new job for him – one that he really felt would be a good match for him. We began to take a look at his unique gifts and passion along with other important steps in finding his life purpose and direction.

Early into our work together, Tom began to hit roadblocks. They presented to me as baggage that Tom was carrying around with him and that he was not conscious of until he made the commitment to himself to find his life purpose. Then these blocks began to creep up with a vengeance.

This is what happens to any of us – when we put an intention out to the Universe without going inward first and really releasing anything that we may be hanging onto.  The call of our Soul wants us to be free from anything preventing us to live authentically as joyful individuals and living life on purpose.

Hear is a 5 Point check list to follow in releasing your past in order to move forward:

1)     Release physical objects and clear the clutter

2)     Release anyone we need to that we feel is negative in our lives

3)     Release the past – all baggage or issues that are remaining or festering and cluttering up within us

4)     Release limiting beliefs – anything negative preventing us from living the life our Soul wants us to live

5)     Releasing limiting beliefs about finding your life purpose – because each of us has to be clear on who we are and why we are here

Releasing the past is the first step in helping you to find your life purpose and it is trans-formative to do so! But each of us has to do the work and there is no magic wand that can do it for us. Blocks can appear anytime we make a commitment to moving forward in change and transformation. We simply need to be vigilant in seeing them and not letting them block us from our path.

Here is to miraculous and profound living! Because when we create miraculous and profound living we create the New Earth!

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