Family, connection and heart based love – 3 important elements for a joyful life

Family, connection and heart based love – 3 important elements for a joyful life

jill1How many of us feel love for our families – despite the distance that may physically separate us? Or maybe there are not miles and miles between us and our families – but we just do not see each other as much as we like. What is in our hearts is the most important and, reaching out when we can – equally as important.

Some of us may have embittered feelings about family.  I went through a phase where I had a lot of resentment to let go of what included beliefs I was challenged with to think through as I often found myself conflicted with many beliefs that my family taught me.

Beliefs, that are taught to us of course, can be positive. But, they can also present negativity within us if, we are not able to choose what we believe for ourselves.

Many spiritual leaders of our day believe that the Divine dwells within each of us. When we think of ourselves in that light, it is easier to also think that that light connects us all – just like a family.  Many of the world religions believe their followers to be a “family of believers” as well. So how do family, what we believe in and our hearts all have to do with each other?

To begin, family is where we learn the most important principles of life. Family can also be our safety net in that parents provide unconditional love – without strings attached. They also teach us the basics of life and about culture that can include spiritual beliefs as well. Family is often where we return for the holidays and special occasions or, for advice and support. During our earliest years, our parents, or primary caregivers, are key in the way we develop as children.

Our emotions about family most often dwell within our hearts – even if there were issues that we had growing up with family that may include negativity or resentment.

We also learn about relationships through our family and in particular, the attachments we may or may not have formed with our parents. We learn to love through our family.

And, the emotion of love is often represented through the heart.

Because many spiritual experts associate divinity within each of us, the symbolism of the heart can be intertwined with the benevolent and unconditional love of God or the Universe with which we are all interconnected. So the second important point here is that we are individual beings connected through benevolence and unconditional love that, comprises who we are as divine beings having human experiences.

Finally, if we can wrap our minds around this then we can overcome anything that separates us from one another – such as varying beliefs each of us may have been taught as children via our families.  Of course we can still have our own individual rituals and beliefs but beyond that, we can make it a priority to find love within ourselves the kind that stems from our collective divinity and found within our hearts.

And that is totally authentically miraculous! When we create miraculous and profound living… we create the New Earth!



  1. Jill, I love the idea that we’re “divine beings having human experiences.” Somehow makes my ‘problems’ seem smaller and the love for my family grow larger. Thank you!

  2. Love your post Jill. You’ve clearly explained the spiritual connection between family, love and the universe. Great quote and title as well. Thanks. I enjoyed reading this.

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