Understanding Your Inner Relationships

Understanding Your Inner Relationships

Do you have dreams? We all have them both as adults and as children. But, we are mostly allowed dreaming as children. I am hear to tell you that we all need to continue allowing our dreams to come forward, finding ways to fulfill them – continuing to move us forward into living our life out on purpose and with passionate direction.

The Universe has arranged it so that what you most desire is exactly what you must pursue in order to experience true personal happiness – Jan Spiller 

Setting, following and attaining our dreams requires intention and a mindset that we will pursue outumblr_n5d2hcDaXi1qdyr21o1_500r dreams – no matter what.  But the bigger our dreams – the more roadblocks we may face in doing so. Roadblocks usually include thoughts, feelings and beliefs that appear from our past wanting to prevent us from going forward and fulfilling our dreams. More specifically, roadblocks include limited thinking that we must release in order to manifest our dreams. They include internal and external blocks to our thinking. Both require finding solutions in order for us to obtain our dreams. I have listed some for you below:

Internal blocks include:

1) Self doubts appearing as signals because we cannot see our gifts. The solution is to write down what people say about your gifts, ask your spiritual connection or guide(s) to help you, and learn to know and mirror back to yourself what your gifts are. This can include stating your gifts to yourself throughout the day.

2) Fear – that you will get hurt and not have support or that you will be judged, alone and not connected. The solution is to make sure you have the support you need from yourself, from a professional and from a group of like-minded souls going through the same experience.

3) Self sabotage – the fear goes underground so-to-speak and shows up as procrastination, getting sick, thinking you do not have the money to invest in your dreams and the pursuit of them, forgetting or even getting in accidents or having chaos continually show up in your life – all preventing you from obtaining our dreams. The solution – know what is showing up trying to sway you from your dreams. Find deliberate ways to talk back to your scared self that is drawing these negative things in.

External blocks include:

1) A lack of support from friends and family – thus again needing to find those people who deliberately support you in obtaining your dreams and are part of the solution to a lack of support

2) Your outside life is manifesting what appears to look like not enough abundance – MONEY, the fear of not having it when you know your dreams and goals, have a plan to pursue them but think the Universe will not support you in obtaining your dreams. The solution – writing out specific affirmations helping you to KNOW that your dreams will manifest and you will receive what you need – including the MONEY needed to help you obtain them.

3) Other outside limitations that seemingly manifest as perceived blocks like having to move, a car breaking down, or home repair issues, etc., looking for a job or feeling you have to work at a job you do not like to support you. The solution – learn how to dialogue with yourself and conflicts that arise. When your inside self is strong and able to combat what appears to be negative – your outside life will match and you will be aligned to manifest your dreams!


Here is to miraculous and profound living! Because when we create miraculous and profound living… we create the New Earth!



  1. Jill,
    Great post! I think it is so important to create this self-awareness of when and how these blocks show up, in addition to getting the support to navigate through them. Quite often we may not know at a conscious level what these blocks actually are, just that we feel stuck. Listening to the self-talk and using tools to quiet down that inner critic are key!

  2. Thanks for this post, Jill. It was helpful that you gave examples of clues that we might have blocks.

  3. What a timely blog post – in this New Moon in Scorpio energy! ~ I’ve had SO many conversations this week about hidden dreams, squashed dreams, and dream killers. It’s unfortunate, that we humans let others decide what dreams we bring to life. ~ May we all have the courage to come out of the “dream closet!” 🙂

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