Be a co-creator of joy. Here are five ways to do so

Be a co-creator of joy. Here are five ways to do so

WDanny Kaye creativity quotehat do you think of when you hear the word creative? Many people think of artists such as painters, writers, musicians, actors, etc. And it is true these individuals are creative. But, so are we! I have worked with many people who simply forgot how to be creative every day with their lives whether on a personal or career level. I think it is important to state the fact that people alive today have the ability to be creative just by being who they are and living that out.

In reality the word creative connotes being authentic and that means doing what your soul, your heart is pushing you to do – no matter what. Creativity also means that the purpose of your life is to make sure we are using the gifts talents and passion we each have individually that ultimately gives back to our world in some way.

This does not necessarily mean that we all have to be in front of thousands of people doing so. Because our universe – including each one of us – are made up of energy – what ever we think do or act automatically adds to the collective energy. This is the basis of quantum physics. And, if our vibration is high – positive energy is emitted outward. If our vibration is low – just the opposite occurs. So if we have certain gifts and we are not utilizing them, negative energy can build up and show up in our lives where we end up feeling cynical, hopeless or negative. This wreaks havoc in our lives. Life then feels exhausting.

When we are in alignment, with our authentic selves, utilizing our gifts talents and passion, life feels more joyful and fun. We can handle things that come our way – no matter what they are. This is a simple fact in our world. The only problem is that many of us forget it. We simply have to be responsible for how we use our energy. We also have to make sure we do not let things that appear to be blocking us from deterring us. At the root of any thing deterring us is – FEAR. We MUST learn how to talk back to fear by learning specific ways to do so.

Our brains are often ‘wired’ to keep recreating fear and misery – suffering versus love and joy. Love in this case means the absence of fear – utilizing pure energy that we are all comprised of. We have to learn how to build up our joy muscles so-to-speak. Once we do it becomes easier for us to train our brains to hang onto the good versus the bad or negative. This way it becomes easier for us to create from a space of love and joy rather than fear and misery.

How can we do that? 1) Set an intention to seek out and maintain the joy. 2) Practice being aware of the positive versus the negative. 3) Make it a point to change our thinking and stick with it. 4) Look for the good in every instance. 5) Believe and have faith that we are meant to live joyful lives – and that will create more for our world.

And that is totally authentically miraculous! When we create miraculous and profound living… we create the New Earth!



  1. There is so much wisdom in the post, Jill. Thank you for sharing. I totally agree with you when you say that when we are acting in alignment with our authentic selves, we are more able to handle whatever comes our way 🙂

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