Bravery and Miracles – 3 Things You Need to Know

Bravery and Miracles – 3 Things You Need to Know



How often do we feel as if something bad is going to happen when actually one part of us is trying to get the other part(s) attention – via our feelings. As a holistic psychotherapist and coach I hear so many people not wanting to take the time to get in touch with their emotions – unless they seemingly translate in to immediate satisfaction. And there is nothing wrong with satisfaction unless it ends up being a cover up in some way. And many people today who think of miracles – typically romanticize its meaning. An example would be thinking we will saved by a knight in shining armor – someone or something outside of us. When actually the miracle would be figuring out ways to save us. And this could take work on our part.

One of my clients sees me individually and also attends a treatment group. She told me that during one of the group sessions she felt very nervous to open up and share what was going on with her to the group. In fact, she mentioned it was something that was on her mind for several weeks – as she knew she would need to open up to the group in the near future. When she actually did that – she felt a powerful releasing of past emotions that had been blocking her. This was liberating. When I saw her after the empowering session she had with her group, her energetic vibration was clearly lighter. My client was so excited she did not let the overwhelming emotions prevent her from opening up and letting go. This was miraculous.

The fear that we have of facing things inside of us end up being worse than actually facing what we need to by going within and allowing ourselves to release and transform. It is within our nature and within our conditioned thinking that we get ‘hung up’ on thinking the worst that prevents us from moving forward by instead perceiving the negative versus what the current issue is really trying to teach us -In order to move forward.

We can’t release things that block us from our good while hanging on so tightly to them by tucking them away and forgetting about them. Nothing is ever forgotten within us. Instead, we are being guided to work it through. NO ONE can do that for us. It takes bravery on our part to do what needs to be done simply by “just doing it”. There is great strength in feeling our feelings.  Our inner wise guidance is really nudging us to make decisions or do things differently. That is strength and not weakness. When doing so, here are three important points about bravery and miracles we need to know:

Number 1: The miraculous happens within us when we show up for ourselves in a way that we are not used to – out of our comfort zone – facing whatever needs facing while standing in faith.

Number 2: Bravery may not always appear to be what we are conditioned to believe. For instance, bravery can include things like keeping quiet because we want to keep peace versus creating drama. Or, bravery can include speaking up when our usual behavior is to be passive as to not ‘rock the boat’.  And of course, bravery definitely includes finding ways to be aware of our conditioned self – or ego – that wants us to do the easy/ safe thing versus. And instead we find the strength to step up in our authenticity. Then we also step out in freedom by doing something very different.

Number three: It most often takes one really knowing oneself that includes being connected with one’s soul and spirit – our innate inner knowing and being. The brave thing is always the authentic thing even if it appears to be contradictory to what others think! And that is totally authentically miraculous. When we create miraculous and profound living… we create the New Earth!


Learn affirmations and use them daily as a way to remind yourself of how great you really are! Remember, find time for quiet and meditation so that the whisperings of your Soul become louder and clearer. Find ways to let go of the old (thoughts, beliefs, etc. that are not serving you) and learn to be open to the new. Stop and smell the roses whenever you can!



  1. Excellent guidance!

  2. Jill, that is so true, when you have the right moment to share and receive the gift from those who held your words. Sounds like a wonderful experience for the group member.

  3. I totally agree with you, Jill, when you say that “there is great strength in feeling our feelings.” We suppress some feelings, thinking that we can’t handle them. But when we have the courage to express them, we realize that the feelings are helpful and bring us back into balance so we can express our authentic selves.

  4. Fantastic article Jill. This sentence caught my attention: “There is great strength in feeling our feelings. Our inner wise guidance is really nudging us to make decisions or do things differently. That is strength and not weakness.” The points you share on bravery and miracles that follow it are right on the money. Truly insightful. Thanks

  5. Very timely blog post, Jill! ~ I’ve had a miraculous year – showing up in ways that have really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’ve shared truths when people weren’t expecting them. I’ve stood in front of crowds of people, delivering beautifully – despite being terrified just a few minutes before. I’ve said “yes” to things that have sent me running in the past, mainly due to a lack of courage and a lack of self-worth. ~ Now that I think about it, I’ve really amazed myself! 🙂

  6. Beautiful post, Jill. It is so much easier, but so much more problematic, to ignore those painful feelings, or just to push aside the uncomfortable ones. It does take bravery to dive in to them, yet it feels so good on the other side.

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