Recharge! 5 important reasons to do so

Recharge! 5 important reasons to do so

When I had my first Lioriginalfe Purpose Mentoring Program, the participants were asked to dig deep into finding out who they were authentically. This program gave the participants the chance to look at themselves in very different ways – that most people do not ever take the chance to do. One of those ways was taking a personality test that honed in on specific ways people looked at and lived life.

And of course, two major breakdowns of personalities were being and introvert or extrovert. Interestingly  enough, all of the participants in my class were introverts. So it was OK for them to go inward even more. The challenge for them though was that often introverts tend to overthink and question things. Not a weakness – just a characteristic.

On the other hand, extroverts sometimes have more of a challenge going within yet when they do – it is easier for them to do so as they do not tend to over think things. Go figure right?  Either way it is very important for each one of us to begin to utilize the power of being with ourselves and being comfortable with that.

Why is it important? Well, First, in order to be the most authentic we can be – we have to build up our quiet time with just us. Second,  it helps us to be more aware of what our soul is saying to us or guiding us towards. Third, we get to relax and practice just being us – in the moment,  Fourth, it  gives us the chance to build up our inner strength, and finally  Fifth, we have a better chance of becoming self aware and conscious, able to dream and have fun with whatever we are doing in our alone time.

It is perfectly OK to play and have fun with others. We simply need to have more “recharging time”.  I have a list of these things for my clients to do that I call a spiritual practice list.  When we are in spirit that is when we are at our best and time seems to disappear.  We are removed from the hustle and bustle of life – including our own and often dominating thoughts. Doesn’t that sound inviting?  So when you can, try and spend alone time with yourself – even if it for a short period of time.  It will get easier and I promise you, it will also help you to feel your authentic best!

And that is totally authentically miraculous! When we create miraculous and profound living… we create the New Earth!




  1. I call myself a gregarious introvert, and so love my quiet time in solitude. Thank you for helping me remember to honor it!

  2. As a raging extrovert, this is something that I have embraced as I’ve gotten older. ~ The concept of a “table for one” was so beyond me – for a really long time! ~ But now, I truly enjoy having “ME” time.

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