The Paradoxical World of Surrender

The Paradoxical World of Surrender

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Ah… surrender. How many of us absolutely do not like that word – myself included.

Naturally most of us learned early on that surrender means – to give up. But my point in this article is to stress the freedom that comes with actually letting go – not the same as giving up. In fact, it is just the opposite. And we all have learned many opposites and paradoxes from young on through to today. Though I truly believe that when we were children, we actually KNEW this but then it faded away over time. Or another way of putting this is that as children we could UNDERSTAND what was in fact truth and what was not though our parents and others perhaps believed otherwise.

It is important to note what is a paradox and what is opposite. Wikipedia states, “there is a list of paradoxes grouped thematically and although considered paradoxes, some are based on fallacious reasoning, or incomplete/faulty analysis. Informally, the term is used to describe a counter-intuitive result”. Many of us can remember or have felt the latter in some way during our lives. We are going with informal here.

A “Catch-22 Paradox” is a situation in which someone is in need of something that can only be had by not being in need of it” (Wikipedia). Often times when we do we can almost feel as if we have had and epiphany. On the other hand, the word opposite means conflicting or different, that can also feel a bit paradoxical, yet it’s not quite the same. So what does all this mean in terms of surrender?

As a holistic psychotherapist coach and consultant I daily work with people who have a desired goal or outcome and want answers on how to accomplish them – NOW. They want me to wave the magic wand so-to-speak and simply fix things. As human beings, with egos, this is what most of us want because we feel we NEED TO BE IN CONTROL. We think it is the safe thing to do. But, being in control actually very often prevents us from what it is we do want, blocks us, and keeps us in a vicious cycle. We typically then think that it is outside forces preventing us from obtaining what we want when in reality – we are actually the ones preventing us from our goals.

In other words, we can be our own worst enemy and there is actually a process we need to go through in order to clear our selves and then be open to accepting whatever it is we desire. Hugh? When we desire something or set a goal we have to BELIEVE we will manifest it. If there are any thoughts or feelings of doubt, either conscious or subconscious or any internal blocks within us, what we desire will not manifest. And remember our thinking trips us up! Over thinking or negative beliefs can give us the feeling of desperation. That will attract the same kind of energy back to us – totally blocking us from what we desire – or the opposite of what we want.

What is the paradox here? We need to KNOW what we desire and without the desperation of having it. If this includes anything to do with personal transformation we have to accept who we are, as we are, and surrender to the process knowing our inner guidance will move us forward. Otherwise we end up fighting against the process itself turning it into a “Catch 22 Paradox”. Here are the 3 key things we need to know regarding the paradox of surrender:

1. We must accept who we are, what is happening and where we are at to allow us to totally be open to the surrender process.

2. We must take responsibility for any thing blocking us from within and find deliberate ways to release it.

3. We must trust and let go when it is time to surrender to whatever our guidance is leading us to.

Letting go includes the controlling voice within us that wants to continue to feed us with the opposite of our own truth. Surrendering brings peace and freedom – and that is totally authentically miraculous.
When we create miraculous and profound living… we create the New Earth!


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