Client Testimonials

“Jill was great. She gave words to the way I felt deep down inside – that I was not consciously aware of. That helped me to make the decisions I was afraid to make. Gaining that awareness helped me to take the risks I was afraid to take to move out of the rut I was in. Jill’s validation and affirmation of my gifts helped me gain the strength I needed to move ahead in my life. That lessened negative issues that were manifesting in my life. I now feel that I am aligned with who I am meant to be – which feels freeing”.
–Eduardo C

“Jill has worked with me on both a personal and professional level. I first began working with Jill several years ago when I was going through a major life transition. She helped me through the grieving process as well as getting me to see that I was the most important person in my life and that I needed to go inward, focus on myself and learn to know who I am and what I wanted out of life. As a result I also discovered the importance of taking the time to really self reflect working through hidden emotional issues – presenting n my life affecting me on varying levels. It took time but I stuck with it. I now feel more free and unencumbered because I released many stuck memories and feelings and that has been a great relief. Currently Jill and I have a coaching relationship. Throughout my life I have always been confident and successful in business but Jill’s guidance and support has affirmed my inner desire to stretch myself even further. I am a corporate executive. Jill provides me with coaching and mentoring that helps me to stay motivated and feeling validated in what I do. Her Knowledge and background in business has been an asset in our coaching relationship. Today I feel more balanced and joyful and I have become an even more successful corporate executive”.
Margaret L

“The first time I met Jill I felt she seemingly read my mind and I finally felt understood for whom I am – something you can’t put a price on. Thank you for taking the “leap of faith” and supporting others and me to travel the journey of self-discovery”.
Anne S

“Jill creates a space of comfort and positive energy – important to me while releasing the past and moving forward. She has a very accepting approach in counseling that allows me to accept myself and who I am. I value the work we do and what I have learned”.
–Terry M.

“I am grateful for the person I am now and the movement I have made towards change and growth. Jill mirrors back to me my value and worthI am now able to see. Her teaching style helps me to learn and continue moving forward. I am a totally different person today as a result. You have an amazing grasp of the world around us”.
–Debbie J

“Jill’s intuitive abilities are right on. She has truly been a touchstone helping me to feel validated – a great asset”.

“The work I did with Jill was amazing. She’s really is the people whisperer. I made so much progress, my life feels more balanced and I learned how much I matter. I am grateful for that”!
–Anny OS

“I have learned things working with Jill that have helped me to finally feel I accept myself for who I truly am. I use the tools Jill gives me that continue to help me focus on the positive. I now feel I am living my life the way I want to live it and that feels exhilarating”.
–Amanda M

“Jill, You are beyond bright!!! With gratitude unmeasureable”.
–Mary L M

“I came to see Jill because of difficult issues I was experiencing. I felt totally affirmed by Jill and that helped me to be open to stretching myself to move into joy despite the issues that were occurring in my life. My work with Jill has been confirming that my joyful life and dreams are manifesting. I really feel the energy”.
–Jeanine O

“The tools Jill gives me are truly enlightening. They allow me to tap into areas of my mind and soul that on my own I couldn’t reach”.
Peter C

“Jill has given me such perceptive insight about my life. I am feeling like I am finally coming home to myself that includes all aspects of my life both personally as well as being an entrepreneurial businessman. I am beginning to understand my gifts as a visionary leader gaining more confidence in my own unique gifts that I have to offer the world”.
–Joseph F

Hello, I am Jill E. Greinke MSW, LCSW, SAC Holistic Psychotherapist and Transformational Consultant. My expertise is to help people to align with their True Self in order to live an authentic life that is balanced, centered and focused. When you are connected with who you really are you are able to live a life of JOY where all things are possible! I offer individual counseling, coaching and consultation, couples and family counseling, groups, workshops, teleseminars and presentations. You can get a copy of my Free Report: “The Five Steps to Miraculous Living” here or contact me at 1-877-614-4541