3 Steps to Career Bliss

Tuesday evenings beginning May 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th

I have done a lot of soul searching throughout my life and know how important the appropriate career is to maintaining one’s quality of life. I worked in many jobs and with people that I just did not ‘gel’ with or with what I was meant to be doing. I even left corporate America after many years to obtain the credentials to become a psychotherapist and coach.  While doing so, I still felt anxious and depressed and very uncomfortable. I seemingly tried everything in search of feeling fulfilled in a career.

That is why I am so passionate about 3 Steps to career bliss. This is an engaging program with successful tools for you to begin to find YOUR CAREER BLISS! I designed this program to help YOU to jumpstart the way to your CAREER BLISS! I would have loved to have a program like this for myself during my challenging times. I believe I went through that experience and learned all that I did to help people who are in the same spot in their life today-and make it MUCH easier for them.

You name it – I did it for years. I was trying to get clear about what to do with my career. I knew that I was going around in circles and not in alignment with my authentic self. I wanted more than anything to have clarity about what direction to go in. I wanted to feel good and have more fun while working.

It took soul searching to get clear about what would help me to find CAREER BLISS – which in my case, included going back to school to become a psychotherapist. I am so grateful for that – but I still remember the arduous times when I was trying to figure it out. I felt miserable, confused and often hopeless about what would work for me or if I would ever find career bliss!

That is why I am so excited to offer the ‘How to kiss your job good bye… 3 steps to career bliss’! I designed the program to match what I would have loved to have for myself while searching for CAREER BLISS!

I have blended all that I have learned into this 4-call tele class program making How to kiss your job goodbye… 3 steps to career bliss clear and easy. In this program you will get  specific tools, guidance, support and accountability.  All that you need to begin to find your special CAREER BLISS.

Are you finally ready to gain the clarity you about your career? Are you tired of going around in circles not feeling fulfilled?

The How to kiss your job goodbye… 3 steps to career bliss!


  • Gain clarity about CAREER BLISS
  • Help Increase your Self-Esteem because you will begin to be able to see who you REALLY are
  • Help increase Your Capacity to allow more Abundance in – as you begin to be aligned with your TRUE SELF
  • Begin to Gain Clarity about your career and whole life
  • Learn tools that you can use to Get Yourself Unstuck – so you can move forward – and NOT stop
  • Begin to Feel a Kind of JOY you have never felt before – because you will be aligning with your Unique Self

I am so excited to offer you this opportunity! And, it is VERY affordable. Dates for the program are Tuesday evenings beginning May 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. You get feedback, support, accountability, and direction and a lot more. Go to: http://jillegreinke.com/3steps for the details!

Click here for details about my program: http://jillegreinke.com/3steps  and sign up NOW! You will be so glad you did!