How I Work

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”
Eckhart Tolle

I have always been very eclectic. And because of my own personal experiences with change, growth and transformation I know that not one theory or technique fits all.

I also know how important it is to provide a sacred space for people who are stepping up and making a commitment toward change in their life. These are important philosophies in working with you.

Here are a few more guiding philosophies in the work we do together:

  • What I do is a privilege – that is – helping you to find and connect back with your own True Spirit.
  • We are all unique individuals with our own set of gifts talent and passion wanting to be recognized.  Together, we create a tailored plan of action, bringing them to light along with ways to express them in the world.
  • Problems and challenges are hidden opportunities waiting to be expressed. Together we uncover solutions – transformational alternatives by way of counseling, coaching or consultation.
  • I blend sharing information teaching and guidance into all I do encouraging your own understanding of your transformation process.
  • I use my intuition to help pull together everything that is happening for you into a coherent picture that you can more easily understand and navigate to help you to reach your highest path.
  • I provide you with the necessary support helping you to feel comfortable in order for you to stretch yourself so you can move to the next level of change.

My expertise includes identifying and reflecting back your Soul’s (Authentic Self’s) wishes in order to move you to the next level in the transformational journey. This will support you to create a balanced life of being centered, focused and grounded – aligned with your Spirit, Authentic Self and Inner Wisdom. When you are connected to this, things are possible!

“Its Possible – things are happening eve-ry day!”
–Cinderella and The Fairy Godmother from the motion picture Cinderella – By Rogers and Hammerstein

Why the quote from a musical fairy tale? Well, because an important aspect of change is getting back to your roots – to the child within – crying out for a little magic as a way to lighten up and connect you back with your innate INNER JOY. I will encourage you to always realize your DREAMS and, that FUN can also emerge within a “space of change”. And this makes everything very “Possible”

“I am grateful for the person I am now and the movement I have made towards change and growth. Jill mirrors back to me my value and worthI am now able to see. Her teaching style helps me to learn and continue moving forward. I am a totally different person today as a result. You have an amazing grasp of the world around us”.
–Debbie J

Now that you know how I work and better understand the results you can expect, you can go to  My Services page to learn about my Services.

Hello, I am Jill E. Greinke MSW, LCSW, SAC  Holistic Psychotherapist  and Transformational Consultant. My expertise is to help people to align with their True Self in order to live an authentic life that is balanced, centered and focused. When you are connected with who you really are you are able to live a life of JOY where all things are possible! I offer individual counseling, coaching and consultation, couples and family counseling, groups, workshops, teleseminars and presentations. You can get a copy of my Free Report: “The Five Steps to Miraculous Living” here or contact me at 1-877-614-4541